Business Start Ups
During the past few years FroMark, Inc. has often becom the Owners Representative/ Agent to supervise the build out of renovations or corporate relocations. In many cases we have acted as a Project Manager and hired the Architect & General Contractor, thus making it a seamless relationship from project inception.
Our staff verifies field conditions, prepare furniture plans, and maintains a working relationship with the project architect to reduce potential jobsite discrepancies.
We provide installation drawings to assist with the furniture instalation in accordance with the approved plans.

Our planning process assures an excellent result of the reconfiguration or consolidation of existing facilities and/or the opening of new facilities. We spend the necessary time to help program the space requirements and needs of all the “user” groups. Services will be provided and completed with maximum cost efficiency and minimum business disruption.

• Prepare furniture plans for reconfiguration/relocation;
• Coordination with other subcontractors and trades;
• Prepare quotations for all office furniture and furnishings, carpet, wall covering, etc.
• Supervision of furniture, furnishings, and equipment installations or reconfigurations.
• Verification of critical field dimensions before planning and installation.

If you are subleasing an office with existing furniture, let FroMark be of service by planning and reconfiguring the existing furniture to suit your business plan.   


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